Recycled timber planter play structure

With the recent good weather we have been having we managed to get a good start on the planters for the school. The brief was to use only recycled timber in the construction so we went to the Wood Recycling Project in Brighton and managed to secure some interesting pieces of wood that could be used.

Collecting recycled wood
Worth a visit for recycled timber

The obvious choice was reclaimed scaffold boards as they were reasonably strong and there were many to choose from. Once we had found what we were after then the task of removing all the nails and metal began. Oh joy!

The guys were like a pack of mongooses going over the piles of timber looking for bits that fitted the bill.

We got all the wood back to the yard and did the preliminary survey to see what went where and then the planter boxes began to take shape. They were a straightforward construction of scaffold board all sanded and fixed together with decking screws. The only drawback was that there needed to be about 30 of them!

Recycled timber planters
Planters stacked up ready for delivery

Sawdust rained down as each of the guys took on a separate element of the works and got their creative juices flowing. Richard was beavering away on how the planters would relate to the sea serpent’s head and Willy was concentrating on whether the whole thing would stand up. I had to step in when the whole thing started overflowing into a major design & build for Sussex let alone just one school! The guys were getting carried away to say the least.

Richard designing planters
The design was starting to take over the yard.
Doesn't look like much to start with!

As the build stage is coming to an end I am now going through the delivery and assembly issues so that in the next couple of days we’ll be able to deliver the project in time for Easter!

Watch this space to see how it comes out!

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