Established in the year 2000 Arbworx is still owned and managed by our founder, Jon Lee.

We employ a small team of highly qualified professionals with years of experience in both soft and hard landscaping between them.

Originally run as a one man band from the back of an ancient Ford Sierra (all the money went on the best equipment!) Jon’s careful management has seen the company grow over the years into the dynamic, professional firm it is today, whose distinctive liveried trucks can be seen on sites across Sussex and the South East of England as far afield as the Isle of White, Herstmonceaux and even Fulham!

The inspiration for our unusual name came from two sources, Jon’s passion for trees and their importance to our planet, and a chance encounter in Newquay with the Australian surf brand, Headworx. The Latin word for tree is ‘arbor’ and thus was the Arbworx brand born; Arb- relating to anything to do with trees (from the Latin, arbor / tree), and –worx as in we work / it works – the whole meaning ‘any works to do with trees’ or in our case, the great outdoors.

Today Arbworx offers a wide range of commercial and domestic landscaping services. We specialise in designing and installing playgrounds and recreation areas for schools and private customers, as well as  building unique, bespoke timber decks, patios and driveways. To get a better idea of our work, take a look at our galleries on the ‘What We Can Do’ page and see some of our favourite projects in more detail on the ‘Our Projects’ page.