Paving with indian sandstone

Well the small job of renovating the front garden of one of our clients is nearly completed. Although the garden design was fine, we had an issue with the drainage fall but managed to overcome it and still achieve the desired effect that our designer had wanted. The problem was that the adjacent drive was a good 8″ higher than the garden and so we had to install a step down into the area without creating too much of a trip risk.

The indian sandstone paving being laid

Luckily I had some Welsh slate dry walling material over from another job that fitted the bill perfectly. It just would not have looked right with any other angle to it and we would have caused more issues with the damp proof course of the building.

Paving & Landscape design in Sussex
Paving with Indian sandstone in Sussex

This was part of the reason that the whole garden level was lowered in the first place.

Now my favorite part of every build is ready to start…..the planting!

Jon Lee

Arbworx ltd

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