Viking Sea Serpent Pt2

We have pretty much finished the Viking Sea Serpent as you can see from the pictures.

Play structure
The finished Sea Serpent

The school were great about the additions for length and height and the treatment for the timber preservative. I actually preferred it when it was just the raw timber but it needs to last and without any form of treatment the wood will have rotted within a few years. The problem is that the planters will be holding wet soil and the constant timber contact would have been bad for the structure.

We installed the additional sections on Friday and then we had to mount all the finishing details. It was great to see the kids’ faces at break time as each of them had very intrigued looks about them. “what is it? what you doing?” were the cries coming from behind the barriers. It was all good feedback for us as we put it together.

The guys constructing the planters
The guys constructing the planters

All that is left to do is fill the planters with soil and then plant out the beds.

That we will leave to the children to do!

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