Tree pruning and removals

Well if you were looking to get your Maples or Birches pruned you may have missed the opportunity as Spring is approaching fast now and when the sap rises in these specific species of tree then it is unwise to carry out any pruning as the sap will not stop weeping from the wounds, thus loosing all the energy from the root system that had been stored over winter.

Like so many other people my garden has taken a pounding from the harsh winter and I may be removing the very sick looking Mimosa if I cannot see any life returning to it soon.

It has given me an idea about doing a revamp of the original master plan though as where I was originally forced to plant to fill gaps, I am now considering a garden office to house the two budding designers for their development. A garden office is a big gap I know but hey, They need somewhere to design and work and I cannot help myself when it comes to gardening. Progress, progress, progress.

Jon Lee    ND arb

Arbworx ltd

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