Arbworx gets ‘green’ credentials

Having just returned from our S.T.E.M. training we are committed to improving our environmental impact from our operations and being able to prove our credentials.

I have always been acutely aware of the amount of paper that our business uses and the sheer waste of resources that this is. To combat the volume of paper that we use we now supply our key staff with iPhones so that they can have their job sheets emailed to them and enjoy all the other benefits of an iPhone for working digitally whilst on site. This small change in our business practices dramatically reduces the amount of paper we use in the office and the amount that ends up cluttering up our vehicles.

I am please to announce another initiative that we have just launched on our website, along with our ‘get an estimate‘ online form we now have an ‘accept and estimate‘ form. This allows our clients to not only request a site survey online but when the estimate is sent to them (electronically of course) they can now reply using the online forms. This will virtually eliminate the need for paper in the whole communication process.

Another step we have taken is to ask all our suppliers to use e-billing and e-invoicing wherever possible when working with Arbworx. We have had great success with this initiative as all but one have now signed up to the practice.

A review of our waste disposal methods has revealed an opportunity for potential timber disposal/recycling. We are now looking for a company that can process our waste timber into a saleable product for the log burning/wood burner community. We already recycle all our green waste and timber logs and soon we will be able to recycle off cuts, old fences and posts as well. Along with recycling all our hardcore waste into crushed concrete for resale we are really making a difference to the amount of waste we as a company generate.

Jon Lee ND arb


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