Garden Office

Well the construction of the garden office is back underway after we had to take a break to keep up with demand for garden projects this month. We managed to get the drainage and the driveway finished.

The drainage going in.
The footings for the new office being poured

All the guys have been working overtime to meet the tough deadlines that I set in place, and this all means that soon we will be able to offer a much more comprehensive design service for our clients. When producing estimates and surveys we will be able to take pictures of the project area and then render the impression of the new build onto that image. This will give clients a great opportunity to visualise their garden onceĀ  completed.

We have been trialing this service with some driveways and the feedback is very encouraging. It is very expensive to redo works after they have been installed and the ability to see a projection of the finished build helps to avoid this situation.

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