Terms & Conditions (the small print)

Once you commission Arbworx Ltd to carry out works, either verbally or in writing, it is deemed that you agree to abide by the information contained below. Unless you seek written amendments prior to commencement of works these terms strictly apply to all works carried out by Arbworx Ltd.

If you are unsure of any of the items please seek clarification before work commences!

Payment terms

Payment is required in full a maximum of 7 days from the date of the invoice with no retentions.
Our preferred method of payment is Bank Transfer. If paying by BACS please send remittance and use details shown on the supplied invoice.
We no longer accept cheques.
We regret that we cannot accept credit / debit card payments.
A 10% credit charge will be added for payments received later than 7 working days from invoice date unless by prior written arrangement.
Prices are Net and subject to VAT at the current rate.
Prices are correct at time of supplying the estimate for 30 days but may be subject to price increases thereafter.
Business-to-Business rates apply at the current rate for overdue payments.
Goods remain the property of Arbworx Ltd until full payment has been passed and we reserve the right to remove works as such. Where this occurs we will not reinstate the work to its previous condition. Where removal of debris has occurred on an unpaid account then Arbworx reserves the right to return ‘like’ debris to the account holder’s address after notice has been given.

Estimates / Job Specifications

We will only carry out the works which have been specifically detailed on the estimate that has been accepted and for which we have agreed the price. Any variations to the works detailed on the estimate or alternative works will incur an additional cost. (If it isn’t on the estimate then it is not included.)


Whilst on site we will carry out a visual inspection for underground services but unless these are clearly identified to our staff prior to works being carried out we cannot be held responsible for any damage that may be caused by excavations. When installing fences and other subterranean works we will only remove obstructions to our works unless specifically requested to do so and detailed within the estimate.

We will happily offer advice on layouts, best practice and building regulations but we cannot be held responsible for premature failure or shortened lifespan if a client chooses a different option.

We always recommend that when hard surfaces are being installed against buildings, a gap of at least 150mm between damp course and surface should be maintained. Should the client not choose this option then no responsibility can be accepted for damage/loss arising from this.

It is the client’s final responsibility to check for current planning permissions, consent for boundary lines and ownership of property, trees or hedge lines. Should a problem occur as a result of this, Arbworx Ltd and its employees cannot be held responsible in any way whatsoever unless prior written notice has been given. We suggest that where there may be a risk of a boundary dispute/potential planning permission required then please consult your local authority and/or www.planningportal.gov.uk for more information.


We offer a 1 year workmanship guarantee on the majority* of our works against faulty installation/poor quality works to the original purchaser.

Adverse weather and ground conditions are beyond our control and are not covered by our guarantee.

As a Marshalls Registered Installer we offer the Marshalls 10 year hard landscape guarantee on our driveways, patios and garden walls when using Marshalls products (materials 10 years/workmanship 5 years). This guarantee costs £50 + Vat per £5000 contract value. Please ask for details when confirming your booking.

(*Please see Materials section for conditions)


A deposit may be required to obtain a booking date and/or special orders. All orders over £1000 will require a minimum 25% deposit as soon as the online acceptance form has been completed. This deposit is non-refundable and only once this deposit has been received will the work be scheduled in the works diary.

In some cases full payment may be requested for materials (commissioned works/special orders/ non returnables)

We reserve to right to change booking dates due to unforeseen circumstances such as poor weather/ground conditions.


Timber is a natural product and as such is subject to warping/splitting and we cannot be held responsible for this.

The colour of newly installed timber will vary and cannot be guaranteed to remain the same colour as it weathers. (Under UV light all unstained timber will revert to grey/silver.)

Decking/ surface treatments

To extend the lifespan and enhance the appearance of decking we always recommend oiling the timber at least twice a year to replace natural oils lost to weathering. Whilst we are happy to offer this service we cannot be held responsible for premature wear, the need for repeat applications due to poor weather conditions, different timber absorption rates and stains or marks acquired between installation and application of treatment. Different products offer different finishes and we are happy to make recommendations based on our experience but with ever changing product updates and formulations we cannot guarantee the final finish. We will happily put it on for you, but you are responsible for the outcome!

Gates -Newly installed gates may shrink in dry weather and expand in wet weather. This is due to the natural product absorbing and releasing moisture. Should a gate require attention after 3 months then revisits and adjustments may be chargeable.

Plants -Whilst every effort is made to supply quality plants we cannot be held responsible for failure due to lack of care, poor aftercare or neglect.

Measurements -All measurements are approximate. Errors and omissions exempt.

Whilst Arbworx do offer measurements for works, it is the client’s final responsibility to ensure that the measurements are sufficient for the project requirement and clients should satisfy themselves that appropriate permissions are in place for the works being carried out.

Whenever possible we request that an authorised person be available at the start of each project to clearly identify boundaries, markers etc. to avoid errors occurring at the outset.

Arbworx cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies arising from this if no one is present.

Generated Waste

Any generated waste will only be removed from site if specified within the estimate. Arbworx Ltd hold a waste carriers license from the Environment Agency.

Whilst we are able to accept plastic waste for recycling please note that this particular service carries an additional charge. If at all possible we encourage our customers to recycle their own plastic waste at home or at their nearest recycling facility.

Arbworx Ltd. cannot be held responsible in any way for these occurrences should the client choose to dispose of waste themselves.

Play equipment/surfaces

The play equipment that we install is suitable only for the purpose that it is intended for, and misuse, vandalism or debris contamination will void any warranty or liability. Our equipment is age specific and should never be used unless under the supervision of a competent adult. No liability can be made against the company for any injury or occurrence resulting from this.

Whilst we offer suggested heights for safer surfacing unless these are properly maintained and serviced on a regular basis then there is a likelihood of injury due to contamination build up and we cannot be held responsible for this if no maintenance program is in place from Arbworx Ltd.

The customer is advised to ensure that they are covered by their insurers as to injuries and actions which may be brought against them as a result of the general usage of the play area.

It is the responsibility of the customer to have in force a program for ensuring that the equipment in the play area is REGULARLY MONITORED. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that any faults observed are dealt with immediately by decommissioning the apparatus in question, until repairs have been carried out.

Arbworx endeavours to supply the best timber available for rustic play equipment. It should be noted, however, that in spite of seasoning and timber selection, all timbers will develop some air cracking which will occur as the timber dries. It is not possible to guarantee completely against such, this is the nature of timber, but we always attempt to purchase timbers which are suitable in order to keep air cracks to a minimum. Air cracking will normally have ceased after a single summer has passed. Timber that does split and needs replacing will be done at cost to the customer. Please check that the timber for your project is suitable for its application.

All timbers will benefit from regular timber care, equipment which has not been treated for a period will fade and may crack. With all timbers, the area most susceptible to rot is where the timber meets the ground. With this in mind, your maintenance program should allow for timber treatment.

Artificial turf

UV colour stable and guaranteed for 8 years.

The following are not covered under the Arbworx Warranty.

General misuse, subsoil movement/erosion, staining, acts of nature, animal activity, airborne seed germination, deep bulb/foliage/weed growth,  burn marks, paint staining & general wear & tear.


We reserve the right to take pictures of works ‘before and after’  for the purpose of marketing and training and no commission can be sought from the client in respect of this. We will not supply images to any other party without permission.

Arbworx reserves the right to place site boards, signs and other appropriate promotional material for a period of 3 months from completion date to works that we have carried out.

We are very proud of the work we do.


All  material relating to drawings, designs, logos and images are strictly protected by copyright and we do not allow use of, reproduction, or dispersal of any of these without express written permission.

Supplied design work is subject to charges that may be made irrespective of their use unless specifically authorised in writing. All design work is the property of Arbworx Ltd and we do not allow any use of this until full payment has been made.

We reserve the right to amend/update this information at any time without notice.