APL Award winning garden makover, Southwick, Sussex

  • Arbworx garden design
  • Arbworx. Our garden on arrival
  • The view down the lawn
  • Pleached hornbeams set in rendered planters
  • Ipe hardwood deck complete and oiled
  • There were so many things to draw the eye it was easy to forget the block of flats in the distance
  • Rattan garden furniture to compliment the build.
  • My favourinte view of the garden. I could spend a lot of time here.
  • The clients view from the conservatory down the garden
  • I think we solved the problem of a long narrow garden with the design mix of different materials and proportions
  • We found a cherub in the garden when we cleared it so it was retained as the only original item along with the sun dial
  • Location: Southwick, West Sussex – Rear garden of a terraced house
  • Design Consultant: Jon Lee
  • Build: Arbworx Team 1
  • Materials:  Stone – Marshalls Casarta Slate Pavers
  • Planting: Supplied by Big Plant Nursery – Pleached Hornbeam, Sweet Bay, Verbena

There is nothing quite like the feeling we get from creating a garden like this from scratch, and knowing that the pleasure it brings our clients will last for years to come.

Long narrow gardens are hard to break up without screening, which tends to make them look small, so we looked at alternative ways of creating different areas which would link the garden together. We used Ipe hardwood decking with Marshalls Casarta Slate pavers for the main areas, and then used artificial turf with some specimen planting to soften the garden. The bench gave a focal point for the eye and is also a great spot to catch the last of the evening sun.

The brief was to ‘make me something fabulous’. What do you think? Did we do it?

As an added bonus we won the ‘hard landscaping’ catagory at the APL Awards 2015 for this project.