Oak hardwood decking, Brighton, Sussex

  • Arbworx roof terrace, Brighton & Hove, Sussex
  • Arbworx roof terrace deck with oak decking
  • Decking Brighton

Location: Brighton

Design: Jon Lee

Build: Arbworx team

Materials: Oak Decking with Oak beamed pergola  (stainless steel fixings throughout)

Redwood trellis Oak handrails and Newels

Brief:  After removing old leaking roof we were asked to replace the decking with a more modern yet classic feel to the area to reflect the rest of the property.

When fitting decking over a flat roof you must consider the load that is being placed on the structure and how the weight is spread to avoid puncturing the roofing material. Wide pads to spread the load and epdm rubber will avoid causing pressure points that may cause damage in the future.