Balau Hardwood decking, Lancing, Sussex

The Arbworx trademark timber decking, responsibly sourced hardwood with stainless steel seating area
The Arbworx trademark timber decking, responsibly sourced hardwood with stainless steel seating area

This project was a great opportunity to start from scratch with an overgrown garden that had not had any real attention for a few years. The north end of the garden had a group of overgrown leylandii dominating the top half of the space with a dumping ground  for cuttings behind it.

We have all seen this type of garden before and for most people who do not have green fingers it is a insurmountable task just trying to find somewhere to start. The client had an idea of what she wanted but was not really sure of how to approach it. We spent some time sitting down trying to understand the objectives and aims of the garden she wanted and looked at how it would be managed after we were gone.

A well designed but high maintenance garden is great if you have time, but for most people these days a garden that only needs a mow now and again and some minor weeding is all that a busy life style allows.

It was quickly understood that the client would like to be able to spend her available time actually working whilst in the garden. With this in mind electrical cables were laid under the garden, providing access to areas where she can ‘plug in’ and work.

As you can see from the pictures we got to work clearing the site so we could start with a blank canvas. The fencing went up quickly to establish boundaries and then the decking was delivered to the site to stabilise before installation. This is a important consideration with hardwood as it tends to move considerably when acclimatising.

The client wanted a contemporary style so we used clean lines and edging to create a simple tiered elevation with access steps in the centre of the deck. The brushed stainless steel was used to create a curved seating area with the electrical points hidden out of sight.

You can see the planter at the back of the seat for the vines and olive trees to be dug into. The planters had a full irrigation system fitted to help with maintenance.

Mycorrhizal fungi and additional plant food were added to the soil to give the plants the best possible start.

By the time we finished the build we had become friends with the clients and went back to check on the progress of the planting and see how the garden had matured over the first year. The plants were doing well and only the grass had not shown off to the full extent due to a scorching summer.

The final view of the build. The space had been completely transformed from a garden that no one would use to a pleasurable environment that welcomes you to relax and enjoy the long summer days. Given the amount of space it would be easy to entertain 30+ guests here and still find a quiet corner to breathe the scent of the jasmine and enjoy the visual effect of light reflecting off the steel at dusk.  Days spent working from home suddenly became much more enjoyable than when cramped over the coffee table!