Pond with water fall and timber bridge, Storrington, West Sussex

Our pond specialist Gavin really enjoyed putting his considerable knowledge of aquatics to good use on this recent project. We were asked by a client if we could have ‘a look’ at the hole in the ground that their builder had dug for them to create a pond.

We quickly came up with a solution and ideas to make the hole in the back garden of this rural location fit with the property and style of the clients.

Pond construction
Preparation is critical when setting out a pond

Gavin sourced all the equipment, pumps and liners required to build the pond and then the landscaping team set to work building the outline of the pond with concrete collar, deep pool and water fall, all to compliment the bespoke bridge that was to be the focal point of the pond.

a critical item to stop ponds leaking
Pond liner underlay being installed

We installed a liner with underlay and constructed a under gravel filter to fit the pond, combined with some marginal areas for the rather knowledgeable client to plant out after we had gone home!

pond liner being installed
Tucking the liner over the concrete collar

One of the items on the wish list was a water fall to give the sound of running water and we managed to provide some interesting York stone to create the correct amount of movement that would fit in with the rest of the garden.

filters and fitting being installed to the pond
Ponds water features aquatics water falls landscaping timber bridge garden design Storrington Brighton Southwick Sussex

It is very easy to get carried away with a single project in a garden if that is you main focus but with Jon at the helm proportions were maintained and when the pond was completed it sat very comfortably in its surroundings. Bigger is not always better!

pond liner and under gravel filter
The custom under gravel filter being fitted to the pond

One thing to consider with such a prominent feature in the garden is that it needs to settle into the garden unless you are instructing your contractor to completely finish the project. While many clients like to put their final ‘stamp’ on the project with their choice of planting or tweaking of the beds we are always on hand to help with these little touches that really add that ‘piece de résistance ‘

The pond now starts to fill after a good clean out
After a good clean up of the area the pond now starts to fill up

As contractors we are generally asked to do the bulk of the hard landscaping works and people tend to forget our passion for the planting aspect of the project. It’s not all about concrete and diggers for us!! (Well maybe for Alex and Willy!)

The pond completed and now just needing to settle in and the filters to begin their work
Finished pond ready to be planted up


Ponds in storrington, West Sussex
A couple of months to settle in and the pond sits comfortably in its surroundings.