Ipe Hardwood Deck, Hove

A great place to relax after a long day
Clean lines and a wire balustrade offer uninterrupted views across the garden

Client: Private house owner, Hove, East Sussex

Design: Jon Lee

Build: Gavin Hunter, Joe Boyce

Material: Ipe Hardwood Deck Boards over PTS timber joist work, Stainless wire with galvanised fittings

Brief: We were asked to remove an old deck that was looking rather dated and replace it with a larger deck with handrails that didn’t look too imposing. We came up with a couple of designs and then settled on the one you see. We were quite lucky in that the previous deck installation had been somewhat ‘over engineered’ and we had concrete pads all over the area to site our up stands upon. This is probably one of the most simple yet elegant decks we have installed and its simplicity goes towards the speed that it was installed.

As TV chiefs love to say “just good quality ingredients well presented”.  Simple and stylish!

A perfect place to relax after a day in the office
A perfect place to relax after a day in the office


Perfect expansion gaps and detailing
Small detailing make a big difference to the whole project

We take great pride in the level of training our carpenters go through to install decks like this

The completed build
The completed build