Ipe hardwood decking platform, Ovingdean, Brighton, Sussex

Location: Ovingdean, East Sussex

Design Consultant: Jon Lee

Construction: Arbworx team

Materials: Ipe smooth deck boards mounted on treated softwood joists. Hidden fixing stainless screws

Iroko high level handrail system from Richard Burbidge

Brief:  We are asked to cover and old patio that was starting to look very dated and replace with a viewing platform that would offer views of the South Downs down to the sea.

Old paving in need of modernisation
Proposed area to be covered with decking.

This project instantly offered itself up as a ‘special’ build as the proximity to the sea and the exposure to the elements meant that a standard softwood deck would need a lot of aftercare for it to last as it would in a less exposed location. After consultation with the client we settled on Ipe decking with the Richard Burbidge high level handrail system. The choice of materials could not be better given the sea air and the elevation of the platform.

Decking platform, Ovingdean, Brighton
A great viewing point overlooking the South Downs

The staircase was a challenge as we wanted it to fit in with the adjacent patio without encroaching to much.

Decking steps, Ovingdean, Brighton
Iroko Balustrade with ipe treaders and risers make up the staircase

If you like the look of smooth boards then the hidden fixing system is perfect for this application.

Clean lines from using the hidden fixing system on ipe decking boards
Using the hidden fixings system the boards are left smooth across the whole deck
Decking platform, Ovingdean, Brighton
All that is needed is a glass of something to enjoy this stunning deck and the surrounding countryside